Firas Samuri for Veterans Today   There is overwhelming evidence of the U.S. intervention in the Syrian crisis, which the mainstream media has repeatedly reported about. Today I would like to publish exclusive materials, evidencing the White House sent...
…from SouthFront Tensions between the local population and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are growing. Protests against the SDF have recently erupted in the cities of Manbij, Hasakah and Raqqah. The predominantly Arab local population protested against behavior...
Jim W. Dean - P.T. Barnun said, "There's a sucker born every minute". Televangelists have a smoother way of pointing that out, by diverting tens of millions that could go to helping people into their ego-feeding private jets.
Today we have Total Energy making a quick move to replace its lost Iranian South Pars deal with this new Russian deal, where the LNG operations are not under this time.
Join me in this in depth look at the sermon of St. Vincent Ferrer wherein he discusses the Antichrist and some of the signs of the end.
The Saudi coalition against Yemen is following in the shoes of Israel, in that public opinion never figures into anything it wants to do militarily, as it sees no resistance.
The questions of international legality cannot be separated from those of politics and peace in a wider sense.
Iran "reserves all its legal rights to battle the verdict and its probable damages." Will it mount a 9/11 truth defense?
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